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Kelly, Jammey » 8th Grade Foundations of Engineering & Technology (High School Credit Course)

8th Grade Foundations of Engineering & Technology (High School Credit Course)

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Foundations of Engineering and Technology (HS Credit Course)

2018- 2019 Academic School Year

Session B _Year Long Course


 This course is categorized as an introduction to the foundations of engineering and technology, which also serves as an equivalent to the Foundations of Engineering and Technology Course offered at the high school level.  It is a  year-long introductory course for all Georgia Engineering and Technology    Education Pathways. The class provides students with opportunities to develop  fundamental technological literacy as they learn about the history, systems, and  processes of invention and innovation.  These are important concepts required to  assist students in other advanced engineering courses at the high school level. This course will be taught at a moderate to fast pace, unlike the previous middle school engineering classes.  Therefore, it is expected to be quite challenging and rigorous. However, students are encouraged to give 100% effort on a daily basis to master the course content. 


Foundations of Engineering and Technology Standards

  • ENGR-FET1 – Students will describe the career pathways that are encompassed by Georgia Engineering and Technology                      Education.
  • ENGR-FET2 – Students will describe the history of technological advancement.
  • ENGR-FET3 – Students will explain the universal systems model.
  • ENGR-FET4 – Students will apply mathematics and science to the solution of technological problem.
  • ENGR-FET5 – Students will describe the essential systems and processes involved with invention, innovation, and                                   entrepreneurship.
  • ENGR-FET6 – Students will use visual and verbal communication to express basic design elements.


Important Reminders

  1.         High school credit courses are rigorous and require more work and dedication than typical middle school courses.      During the Foundations of Engineering and Technology Class, students are expected to operate at the high school  level.  The grade from this course will transfer to high school and will impact the student’s GPA, which is     important for college admission and scholarship eligibility.
  1.         Exceptional behavior is required from all students. Enrolling in a high school credit course at the middle school    level is a privilege, not a requirement.  Interfering with the learning of other students will not be tolerated. 

      3.  Attendance is also mandatory. Students may not miss more than eight (8) days of class. Absences include all                        unexcused, excused, and OSS days.  Only absences due to a school function (sports, clubs, band, and chorus) will be            deemed “excused” from the absence policy.

 Required Materials

  • Writing Utensils: Pencils, Blue & Black Highlighters, Colored Pencils or Markers
  • Dividers (Notebook) and Paper Sleeves
  • Paper Products: Writing Paper (Ruled Lines) and Index Cards


                                                              Cell Phone Usage

Note:  Although this is an engineering and technology course, students are only allowed to use cell phones when the teacher gives approval.  The authorization of cell phone usage will be granted only when it aligns with projects and /or classroom activities.  Inappropriate use of cell phones will result in disciplinary actions.


Grading Policy and Make-up Work


Summative Assessments

                                       Tests, Projects, Performance Tasks, and Unit Notebook Checks



Formative Assessment

                            Classwork/Special Assignments, Notebook Entries, Participation, and Quizzes



STUDENTS are responsible for obtaining and submitting all make-up work.  They will have one week after the date of absence to turn in all missing work and/or schedule a time to take a test or quiz.  Failure to follow this procedure will result in a ZERO.


Classroom Expectations / Policies

  • Please enter the technology lab quietly and sit in your assigned seat
  • No gum, candy, beverages, including water, or any food will be allowed in the technology lab.
  • Please come to class daily on time and be prepared to learn.
  • Please keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself (respect others).
  • Absolutely no horse-playing or running in the technology lab (safety hazards).



Step 1 – Verbal Warning / Redirection

Step 2 – Planner Documentation

Step 3 – Parent Phone Call / Email

Step 4 – Parent Conference, Probationary Letter for Foundations of Engineering and

              Technology and Possible Counselor Referral

Step 5 – Office Referral, and Possible Removal from Foundations of Engineering and


Mr. Kelly’s Contact Information

Email: jkelly@burke.k12.ga.us

Work: 706-554-3532

Website: bcms.burke.k12.ga.us

Foundations of Engineering and Technology

Student Information Sheet / Contract


Please ensure that parents or guardians complete the form with WORKING phone numbers and email addresses. Be sure that this form is signed and returned as soon as possible.


Student Name: _________________________________________________________________


Team/Homeroom: ______________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian (1) Name: _______________________________________________________


                                 Phone: ______________________________________________________


                                 Email: _______________________________________________________


                                             Do you prefer phone or email?  _____________________________


                                             What is the best time to contact you?  ________________________


Parent/Guardian (2) Name: _______________________________________________________


                                 Phone: ______________________________________________________


                                 Email: _______________________________________________________


                                             Do you prefer phone or email?  _____________________________


                                             What is the best time to contact you?  ________________________


By signing below, you agree that you have read and fully understand the terms and conditions of the syllabus in its entirety.  You understand that the Foundations of Engineering and Technology Year-long Course will be calculated with the student’s forthcoming high school Grade Point Average (GPA). You also agree that the above contact information is accurate.



_____________________________________________________   _______________________

Parent’s Signature                                                                               Date



_____________________________________________________   _______________________

Student’s Signature                                                                                         Date