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Kelly, Jammey » 6th Grade Exploring Engineering & Technology Syllabus

6th Grade Exploring Engineering & Technology Syllabus


                                                                  Sixth Grade Syllabus
Session A & B _ Semester Course
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This curriculum is a 18-week (semester) plan designed to provide sixth grade students with an introduction to principles of Engineering & Technology and its place in the modern world. Students will gain experience in using technological systems effectively to support their interests with possible career choices with the resources of a technological society.

Students will work through an engineering design process that reinforces the areas of math, science, social studies, and language arts through practical applications and hands-on activities. This course is also designed to promote student leaders, as they understand how engineering & technology impact them, the world around them, and careers available to them in the field.


Exploring Engineering & Technology Standards (Practical Application)

  • ENGR-EET-1: Students will examine the nature of engineering & technology.
  • ENGR-EET-2: Students will evaluate the impacts of engineering & technology on society.
  • ENGR-EET-3: Students will explain the engineering design process.
  • ENGR-EET-4: Students will demonstrate an understanding for a technological world through                                      hands-on projects.
  • ENGR-EET-5: Students will analyze the designed world of engineering, electronics, manufacturing,                                    and energy systems.
  • ENGR-EET-6: Students will examine and research careers in fields related to engineering & technology.
  • ENGRE-EET-7: Students will develop leadership skills and work ethics.


Problem Solving & Critical Thinking Skills


Grading Policy

Problem Solving & Critical Thinking Skills

40% Formative Assessments

(Daily Activities, Quizzes, & Work Ethics)

Whole Group Activities

40% Summative Assessments

(Projects & Tests)

Small Group Activities (Flexible Groupings)

20% Preps for Learning

(Homework/Class work & Notebook Checks (3))

Independent Assignments