COVID-19 Distance Learning

COVID-19 Distance Learning 

Good Morning Parents and Students,

In response to the threat of COVID-19, all teachers have provided distance learning activities in both digital and paper/pencil form so that your child can continue to learn from home. All activities can be found HERE. Team 6R will be more than willing to talk with you and to assist with any academic questions you may have while we are away from school. We can be reached anytime via email. If you or your child would like real time assistance, we will be more than happy to assist you during the listed office hours below. The listed numbers are Google Voice numbers and you will be prompted to state your name for the call to connect. You may also text this number if need be.

Office Hours


A. Bruce 9:00-12:00

(706) 804-0488

K. Reddick 11:00-2:00

(706) 828-1630

Thank you!

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Welcome to Team 6R.  Kenesha Reddick is our team leader and is teaching Math and Science.  I am teaching English Language Arts and Social Studies.  We are also the 6th grade STEAM team, where we will integrate all the hallmarks of STEAM.  
Europe - 
  •     Location of select countries and physical features in Europe
  • Environmental Issues
    • *Acid Rain – Germany *
    • Air Pollution – United Kingdom
    • *Nuclear Disaster – Chernobyl, Ukraine
  • Location, physical features, and natural resources
  • impact trade and population distribution
  • Voluntary trade benefits buyers and sellers
  • How specialization encourages trade
  • Types of trade barriers
    • International trade requires a system for exchanging currencies
  • European Union
  • Literacy rates affect the standard of living
  • Relationship between investment in human capital, capital goods, natural resources, entrepreneurship and GDP (United Kingdom, Germany, Russia)