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Welcome to BCMS, Home of the Cubs!  Upcoming events:  November 13th - progress reports go home, November 15th - Thanksgiving Lunch, November 19 - 23 Thanksgiving Break.


Welcome to Mrs. Bruce's Webpage.
Welcome to a new school year on Team 6R.  Kenesha Reddick is our team leader and is teaching Math and Science.  I am teaching English Language Arts and Social Studies.  We are also the 6th grade STEAM team, where we will cover STEAM concepts.  We are looking forward to an exciting school year.  
Social Studies Concepts:
Europe - 
  •     Location of select countries and physical features in Europe
  • Environmental Issues
    • *Acid Rain – Germany *
    • Air Pollution – United Kingdom
    • *Nuclear Disaster – Chernobyl, Ukraine
  • Location, physical features, and natural resources
  • impact trade and population distribution
  • Voluntary trade benefits buyers and sellers
  • How specialization encourages trade
  • Types of trade barriers
    • International trade requires a system for exchanging currencies
  • European Union
  • Literacy rates affect the standard of living
  • Relationship between investment in human capital, capital goods, natural resources, entrepreneurship and GDP (United Kingdom, Germany, Russia)