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Harden, Trinetta » Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus

8th Grade Georgia Studies Class Syllabus

Teacher: Ms. Trinetta Harden


Contact Information:

Phone: 706-554-3532

Email: tharden@burke.k12.ga.us


Course Overview:

Eighth grade social studies curriculum is the study of the state of Georgia. Our studies will include the geography, government, history, and economy of the state. The history portion includes Georgia’s role in American history from prehistoric times to the present. We will also review social studies skills learned in early grades for reinforcement as needed. For a detailed list of subject content and skills covered, please see the standards at the Georgia Department of Education website.




Concepts in GA Studies:

Geography, prehistoric cultures, colonization, trade in early Georgia, Revolution, Georgia’s role in the Civil War, Civil Rights Movement, WWI, the New Deal, WWII, Post-WWII, modern Civil Rights Movement, Modern Georgia, Georgia’s Government, transportation, commerce, and Georgia today.



See Team Supply List


Class Format:

The 5 E’s will be incorporated into the instructional delivery.

Classes may include discussions and debates, PowerPoint presentations, notes, individual and group work, writing assignments, research, worksheets, and projects.


Late Work:

Late homework and class-work will NOT receive full credit. Students may turn in late work for partial credit. The only exception is if the student was absent on the day it was due. It is expected that absent students will turn in the work when they return.


Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the assigned date.                                                         Late work will have points deducted as follows:


  • 1 days late - 10points
  • 2 days late - 20 points
  • 3 days late - 30 points
  • 4 days late- 40 points


Assignments will not be accepted after the 5th day.


Make-up Work:

It is the student’s responsibility to find out what assignments he or she missed by asking the teacher or a classmate. Students should make-up missed assignments, 1-3 days after returning school.



I will update my grade book weekly. Please use Parent Portal to keep up with grades. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding grades.






Grading Weights:

Formative assessments (work done in class, weekly assessments, quizzes) – 40%

Summative assessments (unit tests, performance tasks) – 40%

9 Weeks Exams – 10%

Homework – 10%



Homework and due dates will be written on the board as needed. Students should write their assignments in their planner before the end of class. For additional resources and information refer to my teacher page on the BCMS website.



We will do several small projects during the course of the school year. Information will be sent home when projects are assigned.


Restroom Usage: Restroom breaks are incorporated into the day. However, emergency and medical conditions will be allowed as appropriate. Medical documentation is required for persistent conditions. A parent conference may be requested if a student has more than 3 emergencies in a 4 week period.


Rituals/ Routines – Students are expected to adhere to the following classroom rituals and routines:

  1. Enter and Exit Class Quietly
  2. Come to Class Prepared
  3. Stay Focus on the Instruction and the Assignments
  4. Stay Seated (unless permission is granted)
  5. Raise Your Hand to Speak
  6. Sharpen Pencils with permission (only one student at a time )
  7. During Conferencing- no interruptions allowed

My parents/guardians and I have read and discussed the syllabus and understand what is expected of me in my Georgia Studies class.



Student Name




Student’s Signature & Date





Parent/Guardian Signature & Date


Please print parent/guardian’s name, telephone numbers, and email address below










A copy of this signed syllabus will remain in the student’s notebook for future reference.