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Washington, Richard » Unit 5

Unit 5

Unit 5

 Unit 5 involves the study of minerals, rocks, the Rock Cycle, and fossils.  Click the links below to explore! 


Unit 5 Introduction Video




Rocks and Minerals "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Game 

Rocks and Minerals Rags to Riches Game



Learning Zone: Minerals

Minerals Information

Mineral Identification Tests

Minerals BrainPop

Minerals Reading Comprehension

Minerals Virtual Lab

Minerals Interactive

Minerals Down Under

Minerals in Your Home

Minerals Quiz


Webquest Site 1: Rock Types

Webquest Site 2: Types of Rocks

Webquest Site 3: Learn About Rocks

Webquest Site 4: Types of Rocks

Webquest Site 5: Examples of Rocks

 Rock Formation Interactive

Igneous Rock Animation

Sedimentary Rock Animation

Sedimentary Rock Animation 2

Metamorphic Rock Animation

Types of Rocks BrainPop 

Types of Rocks Video

Types of Rocks Video 2

Types of Rocks Video 3

Virtual Tour of the Grand Canyon

Igneous Rock Slideshow (and quiz)

Sedimentary Rock Slideshow (and quiz)

Metamorphic Rock Slideshow (and quiz) 

Edible Igneous Rock

Edible Sedimentary Rock

Edible Metamorphic Rock

 Who Am I? Rock Game

 Rocks and Minerals Practice

Types of Rocks Rags to Riches Game

Rock Quiz

Rock Cycle 

Rock Cycle Webquest

Great Rock Cycle Interactive

Rock Cycle Information

 Rock Cycle Study Jams Video

Rock Cycle BrainPop

Rock Cycle Video

Rock Cycle Animation

Rock Cycle Animation 2

Rock Cycle - Test yourself! 

Rock Cycle Quiz

Rocks and the Rock Cycle Quiz



Fossils Webquest

Fossils BrainPop

Fossils Video 

Fossils Video 2

 Great Fossil Interactive 

Fossils Interactive

Fossil Information

Fossil Information and Pictures


Fossils: Now and Then

Fossil Virtual Lab

Fossils Study Jams Slideshow

Fossil Animation

Fossil Animation 2

Mold and Cast Lab

Georgiacetus Vogtlensis Info

Frozen Woolly Mammoth Article

Fossils Rags to Riches Game