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Story, Kathryn » Unit 6

Unit 6

Unit 6 involves the study of the layers of Earth, plate tectonics, volcanoes, and earthquakes. Click the links below to explore! 

Unit 6 Launch Video

 Unit 6 Review Quiz

Unit 6 Review Test

Unit 6 Review Game

Unit 6 Videos

Earth's Layers and Plates Interactive

Yellowstone National Park Site

Old Faithful Live Feed

Jason.org Landform Detectives


Layers of the Earth

Layers of Earth Webquest

Layers of Earth Webquest 2


Layers of Earth Webquest 3


Layers of Earth Webquest 4


Layers of Earth Webquest 5


Layers of Earth Webquest 6

Layers of Earth Webquest 7

Layers of Earth Journey

Traveling Through Layers

Earth's Structure Interactive

Earth's Structure Interactive 2

Earth's Structure Interactive 3

Structure of Earth

Convection Currents in the Mantle

Earth's Structure BrainPop

Layers of Earth Video

Layers of Earth Rags to Riches Game

Layers of Earth Rags to Riches Game 2


Plate Tectonics


Plate Boundaries Webquest 1

Plate Boundaries Webquest 2

Plate Boundaries Overview


Plate Tectonics Map

Plate Boundaries Interactive


Plate Boundaries Interactive 2

Plate Boundary Animations

Convergent Boundary

Convergent Boundary 2

Divergent and Transform Boundaries

Divergent Boundary

Transform Boundary

Plate Boundary Animation

Plate Boundary Animation 2

Subduction Animation

Subduction Animation 2

Seafloor Spreading Animation

Seafloor Spreading Animation 2

Mid-Ocean Ridge Map

Fault Animation

Tectonic Plates & Boundaries Map

Tectonic Plates & Boundaries Map 2


Pangaea Animation 

Pangaea Animation 2

Pangaea Animation 3

Earth in 50 Million Years

Earth in 100 Million Years

Earth in 250 Million Years

Plate Tectonics BrainPop

Plate Boundaries Video

Plate Boundaries Video Clips

Plate Boundaries Video


Pangaea Video

Test Your Skills 

Exploring Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics Rags to Riches Game

Plate Tectonics Rags to Riches Game 2



Earthquake Webquest

Recent World Earthquakes - Past 7 Days

Recent World Earthquakes - Past 30 Days

Recent U.S. Earthquakes - Past 7 Days

Earthquake Information

Earthquake Animation 

Famous Earthquakes

Significant Earthquakes from 2001-2011

Earthquakes and Erosion Animation

Earthquake BrainPop

Earthquake Study Jams Video

Earthquake Video

Earthquake Video 2

How a Seismograph Works

How a Seismograph Works 2

Determining an Earthquake's Epicenter

Tsunami Animation

Tsunmai Animation 2

Earthquakes Rags to Riches Game


Volcano Webquest

Volcanoes  Interactive

Volcanoes Information

Volcanoes Information 2

Volcanoes Information 3

Volcano Animation 

Famous Volcanoes

Animated Guide to Volcanoes

Active Volcanoes

Deadly Volcanoes

Hotspot Animation

Hotspot Animation 2

Volcano BrainPop

Volcano Study Jam Video

Panoramic View of Volcano

Volcano Videos

Volcano Videos 2

Volcano Video 3

Volcano Explorer

Volcano Review Game

Volcano Review Game 2

Volcanoes Rags to Riches Game

*Putting it all together: Tectonic plates, Earthquakes, Volcanoes Map

Tectonic Plates, Earthquakes, Volcanoes Map 2