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Welcome to BCMS, Home of the Cubs!  Due to the school closure caused by Hurricane Michael last week, Burke Co. Public School Report Cards will be sent home on Thursday, October 18th, instead of their originally scheduled date, Oct. 17th.
Story, Kathryn » Unit 7

Unit 7


Unit 7 involves the study of weathering, soil erosion, and soil conservation. Click the links below to explore! 



Shaping Earth's Surface Interactive

 Weathering and Erosion

Weathering Information 1

Weathering Information 2

Weathering Information 3

Weathering Information 4

Weathering Information 5

Weathering Information 6

Weathering Information 7

Weathering Information 8


Erosion Information

Deposition Information


Effects of Mechanical Weathering 

Agents of Erosion 

Water Erosion Forming Waterfall Animation 

Glacial Erosion

Glacier Information

Weathering and Erosion Video

Weathering and Erosion by Study Jams 

Weathering BrainPop

Erosion BrainPop 

Weathering and Erosion Animation

Deposition Animation

Meandering Stream Animation

Shape It Up! Erosion Activity

Weathering and Erosion on Earth's Surface

Weathering and Erosion Video Part 1

Weathering and Erosion Review Video Part 2

Weathering and Erosion Review Video Part 3

Weathering and Erosion Review Video Part 4

Weathering and Erosion Game Show Review

Effects on Erosion the USA

Weathering and Erosion Jeopardy

Erosion Rags to Riches Game

Weathering Rags to Riches Game

Weathering and Erosion Song



Soil Webquest

Soil Information

Soil Information 2

Soil Video Clip

Soil Video Clip 2

Soil Study Jams Slideshow

Soil BrainPop

Soils in the USA

Soil Practice

 Soil Practice 2

Soil Safari

Dirt Detective: Trees and Soil

Soil Rags to Riches Game

Soil and Fossils Quiz

Soil Song


Soil Erosion

Human Impact

Erosion Information 


Strip Mining

Open-Pit Mining





Soil Erosion Video


Soil Conservation

Soil Conservation Information

10 Ways to Conserve Soil

Crop Rotation



Contour Plowing

No-Till Plowing

Soil Conservation Activity

Soil Conservation Quiz