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Welcome to BCMS, Home of the Cubs!  Due to the school closure caused by Hurricane Michael last week, Burke Co. Public School Report Cards will be sent home on Thursday, October 18th, instead of their originally scheduled date, Oct. 17th.
Reddick, Kenesha » Science Journal

Science Journal


The sixth grade science Georgia Performance Standards guide curriculum and instruction of our class. Each standard specifically lies out what I am supposed to teach you and, in turn, what you are supposed to learn. With that being said, it is very important that you not only master each standard we go over, but continually review each standard throughout the school year, as this will greatly help you on the GMAS. You will be responsible for bringing a composition notebook, which will be your “Science Journal/Interactive Notebook” and will be housed in our classroom. Your journal must include the full standard (numbers, letters, and words) written at the top of the starting pages highlighted in the table of contents. Handouts (foldables, diagrams, matrices, ect.) will be given out throughout the school year and must be completed and glued onto the designated areas of the notebooks as stated in the table of contents. A sample will be provided to you in class. We will work on our science journals in class throughout the school year, though some work may be required at home. Your science journals will be turned in for a test grade and quickly returned to you to help you review for the GMAS. It is very important that you work on your journal as you master the standards to eliminate more work towards the end of the school year! A list of the standards will be glued in your journal.

Look at the attachments for more information about the science journal.

-K. Reddick