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Reddick, Kenesha » Unit Theme: Earth, Moon, and Sun

Unit Theme: Earth, Moon, and Sun

Unit 7 involves the study of day and night, seasons, moon phases, eclipses, and tides. Click the links below to explore! 



Earth, Moon, and Sun Interactive

Earth's Orbit Song

Astronomy Review Game

Astronomy Review Game 2

Astronomy Review Game 3

Astronomy Review Quiz


Day/Night Information

Day/Night Information 2

Day/Night Study Jams

Day/Night Animation

Day/Night Animation 2

Sunrise and Sunset Times

Shadows Animation

Polaris Interactive

Day/Night Quiz

Moon Phases

Moon Phases Webquest

Moon Information

Moon Phase Interactive

Moon Phase Video

Current Moon Phase

Earth & Moon Viewer

Moon BrainPop

Moon Phases BrainPop

Moon Slideshow Study Jams

Moon Phases Animation 1

Moon Phases Animation 2

Moon Phases Animation 3

Moon Phases Animation 4

Moon Videos

Moon Olympics

Moon Phase Matching Game

Moon Phases Challenge Game

Moon Phases Game

Moon Phase Quiz

Moon Phases Song

Moon Phases Review

Eclipses & Tides

Eclipses Information

Solar Eclipse Information

Lunar Eclipse Information

Eclipses BrainPop


Eclipses Animation

Solar Eclipse Animation

Lunar Eclipse Animation

Eclipses and Moon Phases Animation

Solar Eclipse Video

Lunar Eclipse Video

Eclipse Videos

Eclipses Review

Dates of Future Eclipses

Tides Information

Tides Study Jams

Tide BrainPop

Tides Time Lapse Video

Tides Animation

Tides Animation 2

Tides Quiz

Tides Song


Seasons Information

Seasons Information 2

Solstice Information

Equinox Information

Seasons Infographic

Hours of Daylight Calculator

First Day of Season Calendar

Seasons Information 3

Seasons Information 4

Seasons Webquest

Seasons BrainPop

Solstice and Equinox BrainPop

Seasons Interactive

Seasons Animation

Seasons Animation 2

Seasons Animation 3

Seasons Animation 4

Seasons Animation 5

Seasons Videos

Seasons Song

Seasons Review Game