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Welcome to BCMS, Home of the Cubs!  


Welcome to Mrs. Reddick's STEM Earth's Science and Math Class! We will cover the five main branches of Earth science throughout the year, which include geology (the study of the Earth’s surface), hydrology (the study of water), meteorology (the study of the atmosphere), astronomy (the study of space), and energy. The five branches will be covered in eight units, which are listed below. Each unit will vary in length and prepare your student for the GMAS assessment. We will cover four mathematical domains throughout the year, which include the number system, algebra, geometry, and statistics. The four domains will be covered in ten units, which are also listed below.  Each unit will vary in length and many concepts will be integrated through multiple contents. The syllabus for these contents can be found below. 

Science Unit Themes
Unit Theme: Universe and Solar System
Unit Theme: Earth, Moon, and Sun                            
Unit Theme: Water and Earth’s Processes                    
Unit Theme: Climate and Weather                               
Unit Theme: Rocks and Minerals
Unit Theme: Inside the Earth
Unit Theme: Weathering and Erosion
Unit Theme: Energy
Math Unit Themes
Unit Theme: Number System Fluency
Unit Theme: Rational Explorations
Unit Theme: Rate, Ratios, and Proportional Reasoning
Unit Theme: Expressions
Unit Theme: Equations and Inequalities
Unit Theme: Area and Volume
Unit Theme: Statistics
Team Rotation Schedule
7:35-7:55                 Students enter building/Breakfast
8:00-8:25                 Sustained Silent Reading
8:30-9:40                 1st Academic Period
9:40-10:50               2nd Academic Period
10:50-11:30             Connections I
11:30-12:00             Lunch
12:00-12:40             Connections II
12:40-1:50               3rd Academic Period
1:50- 3:00                4th Academic Period 
2:55-3:10                 Dismissal