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Marshall, Carlos » INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS (8/6-10/8)


All students will be required to have 2 composition notebooks at the start of class this year.  The interactive notebook will be their journal for this class. It will account for everyday and all work done in class. Students' interactive notebooks will be kept in class unless there is assigned homework or the student checks our their notebook (rules for checkout are found below).  There will be a 5 pt penalty for notebooks that are not returned.  Interactive notebooks are a verifiable account of work done, and it is a venue for communication between teacher and parent.  Students will be allow to take the notebook home for 48 hours prior to all tests in order to prepare.  First, day for the interactive notebook will be Aug. 13th., any days missing after that will be deducted from the project grade.   ALL INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS WILL RECEIVE A PROJECT GRADE EVERY QUARTER.


Note - The Interactive Notebook can be checked out from the Science class based on the following rules:

Monday - Thursday : daily for a 24 hour period (must be returned each day for class)

48 hours prior to any schedule tests (usually Wednesday - Friday)

*(Weekends: Only with parent request written and signed on teacher’s side of notebook: teacher side is left side and student side is right)

8/6                     Intro to Coach Marshall/Rules and Procedures
8/7                     What is an Atom?
8/8                     What is an atom made of?
8/9                     Atom's Parts                  
8/12                   Practice on protons
8/13                   Elements/Compounds/Mixtures
8/14                   Bohr's Model Worksheet
8/15                   Bohr's Model (cont.)
8/16                   Parts of an Atom assessment
8/19                   Assessment review
8/20                   Re-teach/Atomic Number-Mass
8/21                   Alkali/Alkaline Earth Metals
8/22                   Transition elements
8/23                   Halogens
8/26                   Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
8/27                   Homogeneous/Heterogeneous
8/28                   GMAS practice (re-assessment)          
8/29                   Selected Response Question
8/30                   2 Hour Release - Review
9/3                     Suspension/Solute/Solvent
9/4                     Pre-assessment Quiz
9/5                     Hurricane Dorian
9/6                     Elements, Compounds assessment
9/9                     Chemical Change
9/10                   Physical Change
9/11                   Phys/Chem Properties assignment
9/12                   Density
9/13                   9 layer demo/Float an egg/Temp on density
9/16                   Density (part 2)
9/17                   Density powerpoint
9/18                   States of Matter
9/19                   Observation Lab (Vinegar & Baking soda)
9/20                   States of Matter worksheet
9/23                   GMAS practice (test prep)
9/24                   Test on Physical and Chemical changes
9/25                   Textbook - Chap 3 sec 1 & 2
9/26                   Phet simulation (States of matter)
9/27                   Phet simulation/States of matter worksheet
9/30                   Introduction of SI Units
10/1                   Metric Conversion Guide
10/2                   Metric worksheets
10/3                   Metric worksheets (cont)
10/4                   GMAS practice (Unit test prep)
10/7                   Review for Unit Test
10/8                   Unit Test (Matter)